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Embrace Sacred Places
Taoist Sacred Places


Taoist Sacred Mountains

Emei Shan (Mountain), Sichuan Province
Baoguosi Temple

Heng Shan (Bei), Shanxi Province

Heng Shan(Nan) Hunan Province

Hua Shan (Mountain), Shanxi Province
Jade Spring Temple (Yuquan Yuan) located at the base
of Han Shan Mountain
Jade Maiden Peak of Huan Shan (West) Taoist Sacred

Longhu Shan, Jiangxi Province

Qingcheng Shan,  Sichuan Province

Qiyun Shan , Xiuning County, Anhui Province

Songa Shan (Mountain),  Henan Province

Tai Shan (Mountain), Shandong Province

Wudang Shan (Mountain), Hubei Province


Kuala Lumpur
Guan Di (Kwan Ti) Temple - 1888

Sanduo Temple - (Chinese -Traditional)

Kong Hock Keong - (Chinese Taoist & Buddhist 1800)


Longyin Temple - Chukou, Taiwan
Taoist Temple in Taichung City, Taiwan